This year's theme: Lords & Ladies

7 July 2019

by Corinne Pritchard

Each time we hold a Discworld Convention, we choose a theme for it. Something to add a little flavour. In 2018, we chose the book 'Guards, Guards' as our influence. The con before that was Soul Music, and you had to be there, or be a rectangular thyng.

The theme for 2020 is 'Lord & Ladies'. Think witches & wizards, elves, unicorns, morris dancers and really irate cats. We'll honour the theme in lots of ways - room names, the Gala dinner, the groups we assign to convention members (called Covens, this time), decorations & merchandise, turning the programme book into the Lancre Farmer's Almanac, that sort of thing. 

Of course, while some members will want to take the theme and run with it, it is never meant to limit your creativity. If you're itching to bring a creation to life that *isn't* Lords & Ladies related - whether through costuming, or song, or running a programme item - you're absolutely welcome to. Especially if you have ideas for programme items (email to get started).

We look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with!

P.S If you really couldn't care less about the theme, you're welcome too. The bar is that way, and we'll see you there --->