Room booking and the future of the Discworld Convention

17 April 2020

by The Chair Team

A couple of weeks ago, we promised an update on room bookings by today.

The short answer we can give is that bookings will open on Monday, 27 April, and you will receive an email on the day with full instructions on how to book.

We encourage you all to do so, and to pay your room deposits as soon as possible. While the situation around whether the Convention can still proceed is still uncertain, please read on to find out why we’re asking this of you.

The future of the Discworld Convention 2020

While it is our firm intention that the Convention will take place as planned, we are also being realistic about the likelihood that government policy and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic may rapidly change those plans.

It should surprise no-one that we have discussed, at length:

“What if we can’t? What happens if government policy means the Convention can't take place this year?"

Speaking plainly, we are currently stuck between a rock and a hard place.

If we have to cancel the Convention before you book your rooms, our contractual obligations to the Hilton could jeopardise the future financial stability of the International Discworld Convention. It could mean an end to the Convention as we know it.

If you do go ahead and book your rooms now, but we end up having to cancel due to the unfolding pandemic, you will not be out of pocket to the Hotel. You will receive a full refund on your room booking, along with guaranteed memberships for all current members to the next Convention. And there is at least a fighting chance that there will actually be a next Convention.

If the rooms are available to book, but you don’t book your rooms now, then we come back to the first scenario.

What’s the best thing I can do to keep the Convention running?

Whether or not we manage to hold the Convention this year, we would dearly love for you to go ahead and book your hotel rooms on the 27 April. This way, we have a fighting chance at continuing the International Discworld Convention, both for a 2020 Con (postponed or otherwise), and in the future.

We know a lot of people’s finances are in a difficult place right now. But if you can find the ways and means (perhaps with a little CMOT Dibblering, or even with the temporary help of some of your Discworld friends) to arrange paying your room deposit, we would appreciate it. We do however understand if it is simply not possible.

Thank you for your support,



The Chair Team