Membership sales: dates announced

11 October 2019

by The Chair Team

King Verence II of Lancre welcomes visitors from all corners of thee Disk and delegates from Roundworld, in celebration of his marriage and the coronation of Magrat Garlick as Queen of Lancre.

Good people of the Discworld and Roundworld, Convention Memberships are almost here for four days of diuerse entertainments, drinke, dance, and general revelrie!

Ever looking for new ways of doing things, King Verence has been in correspondence with Unseen University in Ankh-Morpork, and has turned the task of invite distribution over to Hex the University’s thinking engine, and its enthusiastic wranglers. While some of the Lancre-area witches definitely Do Not Approve of this, even they have to agree that it is faster than delivering invitations by broomstick.

Even for a celebration such as this, Lancre can only support so many visitors in one go. Invitations for this event are therefore strictly limited and whether you will be arriving by broom, mail coach, horse and cart or (for those who are prepared to dare a hike through the Ramtops*) on foot, you will require a Membership. Any gatecrashers will be politely but firmly repelled by Shawn Ogg, who has been practising his Flying Chrysanthemum.

*We really don’t advise this - unless your name is Granny Weatherwax.

How it will work

In order that all are given the best chance possible to access this event, the memberships will be released in two waves, with each accounte only allowed a maximum of 5 memberships to allow a Faire Fighte.  These are available through your Home Hex or Portable Clacks Device. Once these places are gonne then we are able for Technical Hex Reasons to offer about a hundred memberships to the waiting list in the week after sales close.  

  • The first wave of memberships will be released on Sunday October 20th at 13:00 BST
  • The second wave of memberships will be released on Wednesday October 30th at 19:30 GMT

When Membership sales go live, please do be patient. Hex has been carefully prepped for its task, so hopefully no Out of Cheese Error messages will appear.

However, if you do have any queries or if the Lords and Ladies have bewitched any of the information you require such that you cannot access it, please email

How many memberships are available?

After detailed consultation with the local residents (“By royal command, you will make sure there is space for as many guests as possible”), King Verence has decreed that there will be MORE memberships available for this event than there were for the last Discworld-Roundworld event two years ago. We are still limited by the size of the Main Banquet Hall, but be ye not afeared! Last Convention we were able to give over 100 people who joined the queue memberships, so you are most likely In Lucke even if you are on the Dreaded Waiting Liste.

What do I need to do?

Thynges to Do to be Sufficiently Prepared:

Yours sincerely, etc, etc

The Chair Team