How to find a roommate

10 March 2020

by The Chair Team

You can find roommates in the Officially Unofficial Do-it-yourself Room Share Thread on Facebook!

Are you coming to the Convention and want someone to share costs with, but don't have anything arranged?

Our officially unofficial facebook thread is the place to make those arrangements.

Please note that these are between yourselves and not organised or endorsed by the Committee.

Once you have made contact in the thread, you can use email or Messenger to sort out the details.Useful things to share in the initial contact here:

  • What's needed / offered
  • Type of room: Twin or Double (or Triple*)
  • Preferred Check In/Out Dates
  • Type of person you are looking to share with

What you will need to discuss in private communications once you have found a potential roommate:

  • Names,
  • Any Room Requirements or Other Things Your Room Share Might Need to Know,
  • Arrangements for paying the deposit and the final bill

What the Hotel will need to know:

  • The name of lead booker
  • Credit card details for the deposit

What the Committee need to know:

* Nothing, unless you are arranging a triple share. Once you have arranged your triple group please email with names and badge numbers as explained in the room bookings post.