Hotel room booking - delayed by a week

20 March 2020

by The Chair Team

But first, a note to our lovely members: Don’t Panic! Instead of opening up room bookings on Monday 23 March, we are now planning to launch them a week later on Monday 30 March 2020.

At present, all plans regarding the Convention remain unchanged. We're still on track for August, but unfortunately due to key staff at the Hilton Metropole Birmingham currently self-isolating due to Coronavirus, the hotel room booking part of the track has had to be slowed down a little.

We want to ensure that everyone has a smooth and (hopefully!) stress-free booking experience, and in order to facilitate that in the current circumstances, it’s important that we take the time to do things properly.

Family, group and accessible rooms

Many of you have been in touch with our Hotel team over the last few weeks to sort out your room arrangements in advance of the general launch of hotel rooms. Fear not, we have your details and are currently working with the hotel to get your rooms secured. Part of the reason for the delay is to ensure your bookings are handled accurately and facilitate the accommodation of your needs as best as we and the Hotel can.

Thank you all for your patience - you'll hear from us again on the 30th with all the information you need to start booking your rooms.




The Chair Team