Hotel room booking - date announced!

9 March 2020

by The Chair Team


The time has come! Hotel room booking is nearly here.

We know you've been champing at the bit for a while now wondering when hotel bookings would be available. The short answer is that online hotel bookings will be open from Monday 23 March 2020, and on the day we will announce what you need to do by email.

How will it work?

If you are after a straightforward single, double or twin room, on the day we will send you an email containing instructions on how to book. First you will be directed to our website, which will give you some important information about how to book. You will then be directed to the Birmingham Hilton website for the actual booking (using unique links which ensure you will get our special rate - you won't be able to get this rate through the normal website).

It's so late - will I still get a room?!

There are definitely enough rooms for everyone, so there will be no need to get up early or hover over the refresh key!

I don't necessarily want a straightforward single, double or twin room - what do I have to do?

Some people do need to contact us directly via email rather than going via the Hilton website. If you are one of these please contact us straight away using the addresses below and include the badge numbers of everybody involved to avoid confusion:

  • I have accessibility needs or require a fridge for medical purposes

    Please email before 9pm GMT Monday 16 March and we will send you a short questionnaire to ensure we have all the information we need. This will need to be returned by 9am GMT Tuesday 17 March to give us time to organise rooms with the Hotel before general bookings open. Even if you are already in touch with please request the questionnaire, to make sure we have everyone's needs recorded.
  • My party includes any under 18 year old members

  • My party contains 3 or more adults who want to share 

    If either of these apply, please email before midnight GMT on Saturday 14 March with details of your party. Include the ages of any under 18s and everyone's badge numbers.

How much should my room cost again?

All basic convention rooms are charged at £68 a night, regardless of occupancy. Breakfast is optional and is £12 per person, per night but must be booked in advance. These rates ONLY apply from Thursday 6 August to Tuesday 11 August. Details of what to do if you want to upgrade your room or extend your stay will be on our booking page when it is announced on 23 March 2020. When booking you will need to pay a deposit to the Hilton of the first night's costs. This is fully refundable up until 9 July.

Thank you everyone for your patience.

The Chair Team