Further hotel room booking delays

26 March 2020

by The Chair Team

This is not the news you want to hear (no, not that news! As things stand the Con is still going ahead, so don’t panic), however the new government restrictions on hotels due to COVID-19 have hit our venue hard, and as such we must postpone booking for hotel rooms once again.

As you may imagine given the circumstances, we cannot give you a firm date on when it will be possible to book your hotel rooms at this time. Instead, we will update you on the situation either on or before 17 April 2020.

For people booking family rooms, group rooms and rooms for those with accessibility needs through our own hotel team, there may also be some delay in the Hilton getting back to you with final confirmations  - they’re operating a skeleton crew at the moment. We ask you to be patient a while longer.

We will also (of course) keep you informed should the coronavirus pandemic impact us in other ways.

Thank you once again for your patience,



The Chair Team