First wave of memberships - sold out in 8 minutes

21 October 2019

by The Chair Team

Now that the dust has settled... wow, just wow. That was an ...interesting 8 minutes of our lives.

The observant among you might have noticed that 482 memberships were sold yesterday, instead of the proclaimed 300. This is because all of you in your enthusiasm broke through the locks on the door quicker than we could shut you all out.

The queue system was designed to ease the load on the server and not kill the hamsters - it did just that and for the first time since 2016, the website has held up during the sales. However it was a little *too* successful as we have now discovered that meant too many people got through - too quickly for the hamsters to keep up - and this is something we will be working to fix before the second wave.

We are aware that there are some duplicate memberships and are working to resolve them. These tickets will be re-added to the next wave to ensure fairness. If you have a duplicate booking or payment, have a payment that has been processed but have not received your membership, or receive the bug that has you displayed as a different user please email directly.

We know a lot of you are disappointed that you didn’t make it through, however, there will still be another 300 memberships available (including the manual allocation) for the second wave on Wednesday 30th at 19:30 GMT. There is NO waiting list until after the second wave.

We are also aware that there were a handful of technical issues that prevented members from booking/paying. Please email us at so that we can do our best to ensure they don’t happen again for the second wave.

We'll see you on Wednesday 30th October!

The Chair Collective

* We would also like to extend a personal thank you to those members who so bravely decided to push the booking system to its limits - we’ve got our eye on you Chris. And so does Granny Weatherwax.