Our guests

Colin Smythe

Sir Terry Pratchett's friend and former agent

Stephen Briggs

Stephen and Sir Terry Pratchett were friends who have collaborated on more than 20 publishing projects. He has also adapted Sir Terry's work for the stage as well as recording many of the Discworld audio books... and much, much more

Ian Mitchell

Managing Director and creativity maestro at the Discworld Emporium

Ian Stewart

Co-author of the Science of Discworld series of books

Diane Duane

Renowned author and long-time friend of the Discworld Convention

Peter Morwood

Author, fan of shiny pointy cutty things and long-time friend of the Discworld Convention

Pat Harkin

Long time friend of and fount of information for Sir Terry, and our auctioneer (quack!)

Reb Voyce

An essential part of the Discworld Emporium team

Phil Masters

Creator of GURPs Discworld and many other roleplaying games

Ben Aaronovitch

Author of the Rivers of London series and long time fan of Sir Terry's work

Jodi Taylor

Author of the time-travelling historical Chronicles of St Mary's, who cites Pratchett as one of her biggest influences